Friday, 18 August 2006

I finally found some new songs to listen to

In case anyone was wondering, the title* of this blog, like so many others, is indeed a song lyric, in this case by Kosheen, a British band. I'm particularly fond of this song, and not just because I heard it live three times in less than a year.

I've managed to find, on the internet, two songs by Kosheen which will be on their next album. I have actually heard them before, because they were in their live set when I last saw them in April 2004! This album is probably going to be this year, but I have been waiting for three years now so I think I can stand to wait a bit longer (My favourite band Faithless have a similarly annoying album release schedule).

Due to chronic lack of new stuff, I've been buying more old stuff instead. Budget games and CD's are a wonderful thing.....

*Edited on 1/6/2009 - No longer the case.

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