Tuesday, 20 March 2007

It's about time

Looks like my spell of disinterest in new music (see here) is about to end, due to the (hopefully) imminent release of Kosheen's new album, Damage, which I've managed to find a preview of on a German website, here. It seems that the new album is being pushed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland without any attention in Britain at all, with it being released on the Friday the 23rd of March in Germany and no release date for Britain yet announced, so I'll have to order it from there. Thankfully this will be relatively painless thanks to the modest value of the Euro compared to the stupidly valuable pound. It's about time they released something. It's now been nearly four years! The last album was released prior to the start of my four-year degree! This makes me feel a little sad, I can remember feeling young and invincible after the A-levels.... but enough of that, I'm just looking forward to getting it now. I hope it's good. I'll be one of the few in Britain who cares, it would appear. Maybe I should check out the Teutonic music scene to see why it is they like Kosheen more...

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