Friday, 25 May 2007

Ok, looks like it does exist...

Well, I actually have found a website where I can buy club music tracks individually as MP3's and listen to fairly long samples beforehand, at So maybe I spoke too soon. I do feel like a bit of a geek for buying songs from there, mind you. I used to be a huge electronic music geek. Perhaps my usage of the past tense is slightly incorrect, but I used to be much worse. Whereas these days I spend far too much time looking at the Internet, reading Wikipedia and reading about politics (of all things), when I first started using the Internet I used to spend hours downloading songs, particularly dance tracks. This is one of the reasons I look back on the music of the early 2000's with such nostalgia. It's also one of the reasons I never fit in musically with my Emo and Pop-Punk loving friends, but that's not much of a problem really, it just means you have to ignore the music playing at parties (or go insane).

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The God Fuse

This is the name of an article I've just read, headlined: "Ten things Christians and atheists can - and must - agree on." I like Pointless Waste of Time. For a website largely concerned with comedy, the author has written a few articles which seem quite insightful, and I like this one because I agree with so much of what he's saying. I'm not too surprised that he felt the need to write this article, because the internet is one place where everyone says exactly what they think, gets defensive, and goes over the top without restraint, and this leads to incredibly polarised flaming competitions on debates like this one on forums, blogs, even news websites. I notice it particularly on sites from the United States, which is why I tend to avoid American sites that discuss politics or religion, but in Britain we do the same, as you will find out if you look through the blogosphere for long enough. Which is why I usually avoid doing that, too. This however, is definitely worth a read. Check out the other stories on there too, particularly "The Monkeysphere" and "Why the 21st century is making you miserable".

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Friday, 18 May 2007


Relativistic Quantum Mechanics was something of a surprise in the end. One of the questions began in a way I couldn't have expected, with two problems I'm not familiar with, but luckily they were not that hard! I was able to do nearly all of my two chosen questions, and it seems that most of my friends have done the same. Our fears of not being able to answer anything have been proven to be unfounded. Always a nice thing to discover, I think. Now, two more modules are my priority, for a lovely 3-hour Monday afternoon exam slot in three days time!

I now plan on spending some time cooling down, listening to some trance (not a contradiction for me!) and reading Brave New World before I get back to revision. It's such a nice day outside that I might even go for a walk. I like enjoying scenery on a nice day with added electronic music.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


My final project mark: 69%

I'm pretty pleased with that! This means I was only one percent shy of a first, and that means that I'm nearly at PhD student standard. Just as well, seeing as I'll be doing a PhD next year. This takes a bit of the sting out of the third term, I must admit.

I have another old compilation album in my possession, the Paul Oakenfold-mixed Perfecto Fluoro, which I bought last week and have been listening to extensively during revision. The album consists of two kinds of song - film soundtracks, and Goa Trance. I thought this idea was a little over-ambitious, but on listening to the album a few times, I've realised that it actually works very well. I had wondered why Oakenfold achieved "superstar" DJ status, and it appears to be due to his work during the late 90's (this album is from 1996), as he certainly wasn't anything particularly special when I got into dance music a few years later, and when he made his only album as an actual musician. So I do have a new respect for him, but only as a decent mixer, and he'll still have to do far better than that for me not to resent the kind of money he used to demand for a single set (I think it's in the order of one or two millions of pounds.) I wonder what Dantares would think about that....

Also on the subject of music, I'm very glad that the main reason that me and some friends congregated on Saturday night was for a birthday party and not the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. As I rather enjoyed 2006's show, due to the presence of an unusual number of decent songs (actually, about three) and the fact that for once the winning song was actually the best entry, this sorry collection of Euroturd was a massive let down. People have complained even more about regional bloc voting this year, but that's been emphasised due to the lack of anything that actually stood out as good, in my opinion. Either Britain should do something and force a shake-up of the way the contest is run, or we should just follow Italy and leave, and perhaps force Germany, France and Spain to pull the plug too. Let's have our own contest. I may not be a huge fan of the music from the aforementioned countries, but I'm sure that we can all do better than what I saw on Saturday.

Goodbye, project!

Now the project is all over, nothing remains. I've had my oral exam with the aid of my poster (much earlier than originally planned, after a last-minute reschedule by my supervisor) and all that remains now is to get my "feedback" on how well I've performed over the last two terms! I wish I had the time to feel satisfied before my impending exam.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I want my glossy poster!

I've been working (for far too long) on a poster for my almost-over Final Year Project. I finally get it done yesterday, and take it to the printer today, to find that they've run out of glossy paper. Why have an A0 poster printed on normal matte paper? I want it shiny! It then turned out that there wasn't actually enough paper left at all to print my poster, so I've now got half of one rolled up in a container next to me. I have to go and do it again! How irritating!

Looks like the exams are rapidly approaching again, with my next exam on Friday the 18th. Aside from the poster presentation day, there's not much in the way over the next week, so there will be many library hours for me over the next 9 days. These will be the last exams ever, and there's less than a month to go. I'm sure the experience will be fun if I work hard enough. Good luck to anyone else in the same situation, and enjoy the time after, especially if you're a finalist and about to face the prospect of entering the real world!