Tuesday, 15 May 2007


My final project mark: 69%

I'm pretty pleased with that! This means I was only one percent shy of a first, and that means that I'm nearly at PhD student standard. Just as well, seeing as I'll be doing a PhD next year. This takes a bit of the sting out of the third term, I must admit.

I have another old compilation album in my possession, the Paul Oakenfold-mixed Perfecto Fluoro, which I bought last week and have been listening to extensively during revision. The album consists of two kinds of song - film soundtracks, and Goa Trance. I thought this idea was a little over-ambitious, but on listening to the album a few times, I've realised that it actually works very well. I had wondered why Oakenfold achieved "superstar" DJ status, and it appears to be due to his work during the late 90's (this album is from 1996), as he certainly wasn't anything particularly special when I got into dance music a few years later, and when he made his only album as an actual musician. So I do have a new respect for him, but only as a decent mixer, and he'll still have to do far better than that for me not to resent the kind of money he used to demand for a single set (I think it's in the order of one or two millions of pounds.) I wonder what Dantares would think about that....

Also on the subject of music, I'm very glad that the main reason that me and some friends congregated on Saturday night was for a birthday party and not the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. As I rather enjoyed 2006's show, due to the presence of an unusual number of decent songs (actually, about three) and the fact that for once the winning song was actually the best entry, this sorry collection of Euroturd was a massive let down. People have complained even more about regional bloc voting this year, but that's been emphasised due to the lack of anything that actually stood out as good, in my opinion. Either Britain should do something and force a shake-up of the way the contest is run, or we should just follow Italy and leave, and perhaps force Germany, France and Spain to pull the plug too. Let's have our own contest. I may not be a huge fan of the music from the aforementioned countries, but I'm sure that we can all do better than what I saw on Saturday.

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