Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The God Fuse

This is the name of an article I've just read, headlined: "Ten things Christians and atheists can - and must - agree on." I like Pointless Waste of Time. For a website largely concerned with comedy, the author has written a few articles which seem quite insightful, and I like this one because I agree with so much of what he's saying. I'm not too surprised that he felt the need to write this article, because the internet is one place where everyone says exactly what they think, gets defensive, and goes over the top without restraint, and this leads to incredibly polarised flaming competitions on debates like this one on forums, blogs, even news websites. I notice it particularly on sites from the United States, which is why I tend to avoid American sites that discuss politics or religion, but in Britain we do the same, as you will find out if you look through the blogosphere for long enough. Which is why I usually avoid doing that, too. This however, is definitely worth a read. Check out the other stories on there too, particularly "The Monkeysphere" and "Why the 21st century is making you miserable".

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