Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I want my glossy poster!

I've been working (for far too long) on a poster for my almost-over Final Year Project. I finally get it done yesterday, and take it to the printer today, to find that they've run out of glossy paper. Why have an A0 poster printed on normal matte paper? I want it shiny! It then turned out that there wasn't actually enough paper left at all to print my poster, so I've now got half of one rolled up in a container next to me. I have to go and do it again! How irritating!

Looks like the exams are rapidly approaching again, with my next exam on Friday the 18th. Aside from the poster presentation day, there's not much in the way over the next week, so there will be many library hours for me over the next 9 days. These will be the last exams ever, and there's less than a month to go. I'm sure the experience will be fun if I work hard enough. Good luck to anyone else in the same situation, and enjoy the time after, especially if you're a finalist and about to face the prospect of entering the real world!

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