Friday, 25 May 2007

Ok, looks like it does exist...

Well, I actually have found a website where I can buy club music tracks individually as MP3's and listen to fairly long samples beforehand, at So maybe I spoke too soon. I do feel like a bit of a geek for buying songs from there, mind you. I used to be a huge electronic music geek. Perhaps my usage of the past tense is slightly incorrect, but I used to be much worse. Whereas these days I spend far too much time looking at the Internet, reading Wikipedia and reading about politics (of all things), when I first started using the Internet I used to spend hours downloading songs, particularly dance tracks. This is one of the reasons I look back on the music of the early 2000's with such nostalgia. It's also one of the reasons I never fit in musically with my Emo and Pop-Punk loving friends, but that's not much of a problem really, it just means you have to ignore the music playing at parties (or go insane).

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