Friday, 18 May 2007


Relativistic Quantum Mechanics was something of a surprise in the end. One of the questions began in a way I couldn't have expected, with two problems I'm not familiar with, but luckily they were not that hard! I was able to do nearly all of my two chosen questions, and it seems that most of my friends have done the same. Our fears of not being able to answer anything have been proven to be unfounded. Always a nice thing to discover, I think. Now, two more modules are my priority, for a lovely 3-hour Monday afternoon exam slot in three days time!

I now plan on spending some time cooling down, listening to some trance (not a contradiction for me!) and reading Brave New World before I get back to revision. It's such a nice day outside that I might even go for a walk. I like enjoying scenery on a nice day with added electronic music.

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