Friday, 15 June 2007

Opinion of: DJ Tiësto

I'm going to occasionally discuss outright some of the people who make the music that I listen to a lot, the games I play and maybe even beyond, to the books I read. I'm starting with DJ Tiësto because he was probably one of the first Trance musicians to attract my attention. This was because of his remix of "Silence" by Delerium and Sarah McLachlan about seven years ago (in fact, nearly exactly seven years ago, I was definitely still at secondary school). That remix was very good, although I do think that the rather less critically-acclaimed remix by Airscape has aged a little better. After that I tried to find other music by or remixed by him. His first artist album, In My Memory, was an affair of mixed quality, with the attempts at bringing some classical aspects into trance on one song ("Majik Journey") being interesting but imperfect, two of the three vocal songs being quite good ("Battleship Grey" and "In My Memory") and with one of the straight melodic trance tracks, "Suburban Train" (which is what I really want from Tiësto really) being brilliant. Quite a lot of the rest was fairly uninteresting. One cannot make an album out of tracks that might work in a club if they don't feel like songs, and too many of his others just don't go anywhere and are too long. His second album, Just Be, is more consistent. Again, it's no masterpiece, but it's definitely better. This time he's got the classical that becomes trance track bang on ("Forever Today") I quite like the vocal tracks on this one, and he's made the instrumental ones shorter and now they actually have a structure. I'm not sure if his take on "Adagio for Strings" beats his fellow Dutchman Ferry Corsten's, as it's a bit too dark and could do with bringing the melody to the fore (actually that's a fairly common problem I have with the Tiësto tracks that I don't like so much) as that piece was never written to fade into the background. I haven't got Tiësto's third album. I have one song from it, entitled "Dance 4 Life" which features Maxi Jazz, the rapper from Faithless (who is my favourite rapper by a huge margin, and Faithless are my favourite band). It is however a very poor song. Neither of these two men are living up to my expectations of them, and this has put me off buying the new album.

It is Tiësto's remixes which really make his name. There are far too many to mention. The ones I can think of at the moment which I have enjoyed are the aforementioned "Silence", Faithless' "Tarantula", Lost Witness' "Song to the Siren", Airscape's "L'esperanza" and this new one I've just found, "Mer noire" which appears to be by Cirque du soleil's musicians. I don't know what the original of that sounds like, but the remix is great.

I hope he becomes more consistent with time. Admittedly he's not so young anymore, but that's true of most of the artists I will mention, to be honest...

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