Saturday, 15 December 2007


I think that this weblog is in serious need of some attention, and would benefit from actual enthusiasm being put into the posts here. I shall be making a serious attempt to do this, and you can believe me this time, because I have a lot that I want to write down now. Also, the name will be changed soon. I do still like the song, but apart from the fact that it attracts people looking for lyrics here, it just does not seem right to have those words at the head of what is quite a solitary weblog.

I am preparing to write a little bit more about Chicane, who I mentioned in my last entry as I had just bought all three of his albums. In the meantime, I will leave a link to a video "mash-up" of the music video to the Chicane song "Saltwater" (itself a remake of a piece by Clannad) and the video for Natasha Bedingfield's song "I Bruise Easily". I had never heard the latter song until I saw this video, and I am quite surprised at how much I like it, as Bedingfield's previous singles were quite annoying and seemed to be fairly unimaginative by comparison. That is in my opinion, of course: the British chart performance of "I Bruise Easily" was worse than that of her dull "Single" and excruciating "These Words". Nevertheless, I really like this song now, and the song could almost have been written with the music for "Saltwater" in mind, as unlike many mash-ups, the mood of the two pieces match perfectly. Follow this to see it on YouTube: "Natasha Bedingfield Vs Chicane - Bruised Water".

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