Friday, 4 February 2011

Unexpected finds part two: Little Bullet by Spooky

It turns out that is one of those websites that is absolutely designed for satisfying people like me: stupidly obsessed with obscure music, and pedantic about who made what. So I was hunting around on this site for information about Sasha's collaborators, and one of the comments on the entry for the Xpander EP made the point that Sasha himself hadn't contributed much to the Xpander track, with it being a remake of a track by his colleague Charlie May's band, Spooky.  I had to look it up. Now that comment was definitely wrong, it's not a remake, but there is a similarity there, and actually, Little Bullet Part One, from all the way back in the early 90s, is even better than Xpander!  The trick with Progressive house is to make use of ostinato (repetition) but build up the track in enough varied layers that even though there are quite few identifiable parts to the song, no one cares and you just get lost in it, and this might be one of the best Prog. House tracks ever made.  The rest of the album its on, Gargantuan, can't rise to this standard, unfortunately, but if you are a fan of dance music then you MUST listen to this. If you have Spotify, the link to listen to it with is below.

Spooky – Little Bullet Part 1

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