Friday, 20 May 2011

Three songs - The good, bad and seriously OTT

Three songs to mention today.

DJ Fresh Ft. Sian Evans "Louder"
Right, nothing from Kosheen yet – the two guys are obviously busy on their Techno/House stuff – but Sian has managed, along with DJ Fresh, to make a song that actually makes me appreciate what Dubstep is for. “Louder”, which annoyingly I can't actually buy until July, is more powerful than the arrival on Earth of a thousand dragons and absolutely kicks arse.  The radio edit can be heard in crappy YouTube compress-o-scope here. I want this song. Also I want the D'n'B version. With any luck Kosheen will be returning to D'n'B at some point, because they're the reason I got into the genre in the first place, and Sian's voice suits this sort of thing perfectly.