Tuesday, 20 December 2011

John B - in:Transit (2004) Review

in:Transit was released in 2004, before the Pendulum explosion in drum and bass and a while after Trance had peaked as a popular number-one reaching style, so this genre-bending album, attempting to bridge the gap between the two, must have seemed very ambitious. John B’s release history shows that he’s not afraid to take this kind of risk, and he pulls it off with quite a bit of success at the opening of this album. “Midnight Air” is what I consider to be the prototypical song of trancey d’n’b, or “trancestep” if you want something less of a mouthful. Heavy driving beats, fast tempo, and skittish rhythms meet big pads and catchy melodies and are tied together with powerful basslines and even some dirty reeses, not to mention a few vocal samples from John himself.