Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kosheen - Resist (2001) Review

So here we are, the daddy of my DnB collection. I bought this in 2001, close to the end of the year, so just over a decade ago. I had first heard of Kosheen over a year earlier when my stereo woke me up in the morning to Suicide (Slip ‘n’ Slide) and seeing as it was my hi-fi, not just a clock radio, that was quite a wake-up. It was right at the beginning of the song as well, not halfway through. I’d never heard DnB before at all, and my exposure to strong female voices was minimal. This certainly got me out of bed! Suicide, while having lyrics that might be described as trippy, or if you were feeling uncharitable, meaningless, is a track which totally kicks ass, putting it simply. The drums are hard and frantic, the bass is very restrained but intense, the minimal fuzzy lead and pads fit in just right, and Sian’s voice yells out powerfully. Somehow I failed to get my hands on more than one other track (Hide U) before the Resist album’s re-release in 2001 following the success of the house remixes of Hide U. By then Kosheen had toured in support of Faithless (I so wish I could have seen one of those gigs) and I was buying CDs like they were going out of fashion, so I picked Resist up.