Monday, 23 April 2012

Dance music podcasts I recommend

These podcasts are the ones I keep coming back to, for various reasons.

Global Trance Grooves (John "00" Fleming) 2 hours, Trance and Progressive - This monthly radio show and podcast manages to combine a deep mix of progressive house and deep trance, a "turbo mix" of uplifting and psytrance, and finally a mix from a guest DJ which fills the entire second hour. John's standards are incredibly high, I'm yet to hear any turkeys on any episode, and the guest DJs he chooses to provide the hour-long closer of the show provide pretty good stuff too - I really enjoyed Orkidea's mix a few months back. This one is a must-listen for Trance heads.

The John B Podcast (John B) 1-3 hours, Drum and Bass - John B's irregular podcast features recordings of his live sets and special studio mixes made in his home studio in Maidenhead. John B's electro and trance tinged DnB sets would have made him highly unusual a few years ago, but now he fits right in with the bulk of the scene. The sets feature a lot of highly accessible DnB, some tracks quite commercial but others pretty hardcore, and he will play tracks from right across the drum and bass spectrum. This is a great place to start to get into drum and bass, especially as a trance or house aficionado. John B usually drops some electro house and techno into these as well. Highly recommended.

The Gareth Emery Podcast (Gareth Emery) 1 hour, House, Trance and multi-genre - Gareth Emery doesn't like to be pinned down into one specific genre, and while this show is predominantly focused on  big-room house at the start and uplifting trance at the end, this doesn't stop him from playing DnB, dubstep, techno or indeed anything that takes his fancy that week. His mixes are usually chock full of big tunes and this podcast is a good way of finding out what's moving feet on the massive dancefloors he plays at. For the same reason, this can also be a downside, as the tracks can get samey quickly in some episodes, especially the big room trance/electro style he often starts with. I like this one for the gym.

Solaris International (Solarstone) 1 hour, Trance and Progressive - This is another solid and reasonably varied trance mix from a producer I've liked for a long time. His standards are pretty high too, so he will play commercial stuff but it won't get on your nerves. The podcast also includes non-trance tracks as well if he likes them. This should be on your list if you're a trance fan.

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