Monday, 3 September 2012

Markus Schulz on his forum about the importance of radioplay

I saw this is r/trance today and thought it was definitely worth posting.

Schulz released his new album yesterday, a massive 23-track* album about half instrumental and half full songs. The reaction of his forum fans was enthusiastic about a few songs but critical or apathetic about the bulk of them and there were many complaints about the radio-friendliness and the saminess of the sound and how little he stands out from the crowd at the moment. After 11 pages he responded to this with a fairly long post explaining the importance of radio airplay and chasing the mass market. It's a long post so I'll sum it up here.

To summarise his point, he's saying he does try to keep it real with some tracks but he has no option but to make commercial tracks or he won't get played on the radio and therefore he won't get booked to play clubs either and his career will dry up.

He also points out that it's not just about radio play - the more commercial Avicii style sound is genuinely better received in the vast majority of cases in his experience than a more traditional trance sound, and therefore he has little problem choosing a vast number of satisfied fans over the grumbles of a few die hards. He says the reason the album is so long is to provide some variety and placate both groups of fans.

I can see his point, it makes perfect sense to me. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. What does everyone else think?

*Not another one!This post is reposted from the forums

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