Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Flexstyle - Eye of the Storm (2011) Review

Flexstyle is American multi-genre dance producer Michael Birch from Glendale, Arizona, and another discovery I made by way of OCReMix and Protagonist Records. Flexstyle and Hollidayrain's collaboration "Weeping Clouds", a gently building but hypnotic progressive house tune, was freely released on that site toward the end of its run showing that sometimes you do get something really good for nothing. Eye of the Storm, Birch's fourth album, is also a free release on BandCamp and goes even further to towards proving that point. This isn't just an EP either, it's a full 13-track album not including remixes, and spans several genres and enough moods to showcase a pretty impressive range of creativity. These include full tempo trance, drum and bass, downtempo and the stalwart sound of a lot of American dance albums, breakbeat - and thankfully Birch can handle them all.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Zircon - Identity Sequence (2012) Review

American indie dance producer and OCReMixer extraordinaire Zircon released his tenth LP Identity Sequence on the 12th of December following a wildly successful KickStarter campaign to get it professionally mastered and manufactured. That campaign ended up receiving more than seven times the target funding, which I take as a sign that I'm not alone in how much confidence I have in Andrew Aversa's creativity and engineering skill, and that his unsigned status has little to no impact on his ability to connect with the audience he has grown over the years. Another major factor in the success of the campaign must surely be the video accompanying the project, which did far more than hint at a level of depth that would exceed his earlier Antigravity - it practically sung out of the brief samples we were given. Has that faith in Aversa been vindicated by the album itself?