Saturday, 20 July 2013

Drifta & Subsonik - Turn the Page (2010) Free Single Review

This is a tune that's available gratis on Drifta's Soundcloud page, from way back in 2010. I'm blogging about it now because this tune is absolute mint, and you should have it on your hard drive. British artist Drifta has produced a fair few tunes that are on heavy rotation on my iTunes playlist, but American DnB producer and label owner Mark "Subsonik" Pettigrew is an even more frequently revisited artist for me. For both of them "Turn the Page", featuring Kaytee on vocals is a real gem of a song, and they've given it all of the things a good Trance'n'Bass tune needs in spades. Read my reasons why and hear the embed under the cut.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lii - 4K (2013) Single Review

While I like talking about mainstream music on this blog from time to time, I actually find it more exciting when I get to looking at something that few others know about yet. Some pieces of music that I might never have even heard of were it not for a chance recommendation have resulted in albums and in some cases entire back catalogues of work for me get stuck into with relish. This isn't one of those today though, because drum and bass track "4K" is (I think) the debut single from Estonian singer Lii. It's enough for me to hope that it's only the beginning of a fruitful and exciting career, however.